Reassuring the Apprehensive Faithful

Local Jews must be nervous about their support of a racist state, especially one that has just completed the Hanukkah Massacre of 1380 Palestinians, since many turned out to be reassured by the eloquent and paternal Ilan Troen, who spoke this week at Eastern Michigan University. Masterfully, this apologist compiled lie upon lie in an attempt to convince his audience that Zionism was not a colonial movement (you see, it was a "reconstitution" of the Jews who previously lived on the land), and that Jews have every right imaginable to all of Palestine. In addition to the lie about Zionism not being a colonial settler and racist ideology, he was very clever in delivering many others: while granting some street creds to Neturai Karta's anti-Zionist activism, he then trashed them by association with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He lied in typical Zionist fashion (and yes, Virginia, this one is a proud, self-proclaimed Zionist - he and his children have all served in the IDF) by renaming the December 2006 "International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust." as "a Holocaust denial conference", and reiterated the lie of Ahmadinejad's alleged wish to "wipe Israel off the map". See, when you control the dialogue, it's easy-peasy to denigrate the efforts of others.

He lied again when he claimed that the 1948 Jewish war against Palestine was unnecessary, saying all the Palestinians had to do was to "accept partition" and "they would have been 40% of the population of Israel". His lie here is not subtle: Let's recall the words of David Ben-Gurion in 1947 to see the truth: "There are 40% non-Jews in the areas allocated to the Jewish state. This composition is not a solid basis for a Jewish state. And we have to face this new reality with all its severity and distinctness. Such a demographic balance questions our ability to maintain Jewish sovereignty ... Only a state with at least 80% Jews is a viable and stable state" *. Troen's lies of omission? No mention of Plan Dalet, the Consultancy, the Red House, the Village Files, or any other evidence of Zionist intention to commit ethnic cleansing. But what tickled this writer most was his declaration that there are TWO indigenous peoples of Palestine, and HE - who looks whiter than Nicole Kidman - was claiming to be one of them. No European blood in this Levant-dweller, speaking with New York accent and mannerisms, nosiree!

Like the con-job Zionism is, this con-man did his best.

Upcoming Boycott and Protest of Israeli "Ambassadors"

What better way to advertise the Middle East Task Force of Ann Arbor's cultural boycott of the Batsheva Dance Company, hosted by the recalcitrant University Musical Society, than by a few letters published in our local newspaper? See letters after signature. METF is happy to announce that the Rev. Naim Ateek, Director of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, in Occupied East Jerusalem, has thrown his hat of support into the ring. See flyer for list of supporters.

METF's protests are next weekend:

(1) Saturday, February 14 at 7:30 PM (sharp, performance at 8:00)
(2) Sunday, February 15 at 3:30 (sharp, performance at 4:00)

Location: The Power Center for the Performing Arts, corner Huron and Fletcher Streets. (Not Hill Auditorium NOR Rackham Auditorium)

Six Vigillers in single digits
End Jewish Supremacism in Palestine
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

* - The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, p. 48 by Ilan Pappe

Middle East Focus Letter: Join in protest of Israeli dance troups

by M | Ann Arbor
Tuesday February 03, 2009, 10:13 AM

Every time the Jewish state commits a new round of war crimes and atrocities, its apologists rally for Israel and spew out a new volley of propaganda. Thus, News readers were treated to Steve Pastner's (1/22/09) latest logorrheic discharge aimed at smearing and dividing Muslims.

Pastner invokes Freud. Coming in the wake of Israel's recent US-backed massacre of more than 1,300 people in Gaza, Freud would have known exactly what to call Pastner's rant about "Islamists or their supporters." Freud would have called it "projection" - a defensive psychological ploy to attribute to others one's own behaviors, impulses and traits. We saw it after the Israeli slaughter of 1,200 people in Lebanon in 2006, too. No matter how many men, women, and children Israelis kill with their tanks, white phosphorus bombs, American-made helicopters and jets, it's always somehow the fault of Israel's victims and/or the victims' compatriots and co-religionists.

For those who reject blaming Israel's victims and who are ready to work constructively as part of an ongoing, global nonviolent movement to end the violence, you are invited to join us in nonviolently protesting an Israeli apartheid dance troupe at the Power Center on Feb. 14-15. The protest is sponsored by the Middle East Task Force with support from Michigan Peace Team, Home for Peace and Justice, MidEast JustPeace, Newaygo County People for Peace, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, Ann Arbor Coalition Against War, and the Palestine Office. For more information, please go to

Middle East Focus Letter: Boycott upcoming UMS presentation
by Henry Herskovitz | Ann Arbor
Tuesday February 03, 2009 12:00 PM

The final tally of Israel's massacre of Gaza has not been completed, but at least 1,312 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 434 children. We as Americans must realize that we play a heavy role in this by not only politically supporting Israel, but by manufacturing and giving it the weapons used to kill and maim Palestinians, including the banned white phosphorous that Israel used with impunity.

Americans should also understand that while the killing has tapered off, the violence against Palestine continues. The illegal wall is violence; preventing people from receiving medical treatment is violence; holding weapons upon an unarmed civilian population is violence; ethnic cleansing and the practice of apartheid is violence.

We have a choice: either we wait until the next massacre occurs, then conduct street protests (we note that Zionist massacres happened well before statehood), or we can join the worldwide boycott against Israel. Part of this local effort involves supporting the Middle East Task Forces' call to boycott the upcoming University Musical Society's performance of the Batsheva Dance Company on Feb 14-15.

METF asks that we: Call, write, or send an e-letter to (UMS President) Ken Fischer and the UMS Board asking them to cancel the show (go to; don't buy tickets to the show or any UMS show until UMS honors the boycott against Israel; if you already have tickets then exchange them for another show; and plan to join us outside to nonviolently protest the performances unless the UMS cancels them.